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Change Directory - change the current working directory to a specific Folder.

      cd [-LP] [directory]

    -P  : Do not follow symbolic links
    -L  : Follow symbolic links (default)
If directory is not given, the value of the HOME shell variable is used.

If the shell variable CDPATH exists, it is used as a search path.
If directory begins with a slash, CDPATH is not used.

If directory is `-', this will change to the previous directory location (equivalent to $OLDPWD ).

The return status is zero if the directory is successfully changed, non-zero otherwise.

move to the sybase folder
$ cd  /usr/local/sybase
$ pwd

Change to another folder
$ cd /var/log
$ pwd

Quickly get back
$ cd 
$ pwd

move up one folder
$cd ..
$ pwd

$ cd     (Back to your home folder)

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